LUXUAR FASHION presents: Evening, bridal and cocktail fashion

Whether red carpet, cocktail party, reception, opera, ball or graduation party - LUXUAR FASHION specialises in special occasions. At LUXUAR FASHION, the focus is on the glamour factor: luxurious evening and cocktail dresses, large prints, trendy colours. Elegant embellishments with beautiful gemstone embroidery make each model unique.

You can find our collections in selected bridal and evening wear shops throughout Europe, including those near you, using our shopfinder.

Commercial enquiries:
If you run a specialised bridal & evening wear shop or boutique and are interested in supplying our collections

LUXUAR LIMITED (cocktail & evening dresses)
LUXUAR COUTURE (evening dresses)
MAGIC BRIDE (bridal fashion)
MAGIC NIGHTS (cocktail & evening dresses)

you will find further information in the contact section.